Introducing the adaptive

In-Demand Tech Skills:

Career Development Curriculum

Adaptive In-Demand Tech Skills from the Career Development Curriculum from Area9 Lyceum and Skillsoft


Developed in collaboration with Skillsoft, these courses are designed for professionals who want to gain the knowledge and skills they need to get ahead in our ever-evolving, tech-driven world. 

Using the adaptive technology of Area9 Rhapsode™, learners gain fluency across a broad range of topics in business and technology. 

Area9 Lyceum

Our approach is grounded in scientific research and twenty five years’ experience, serving millions of learners, gathering billions of data points, across hundreds of subjects.

We believe that technology is only powerful when designed to work for and with people; it is not an end in itself. Teachers, mentors and learners are not going to be replaced by technology – they are going to be complemented and accelerated. We are passionate about people fulfilling their potential.

Whether you are an educator, corporation or content publisher, Area9 Lyceum can help enable an interactive learning experience through a range of tools and services – making your content exceptionally agile, relevant and actionable for any learner.

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Unlock the potential of your greatest asset – your people.

70% of the Fortune 1000 have trusted Skillsoft to train their people to overcome critical skill gaps and drive demonstrable change. Their courses are accessed by more than 45 million learners in over 160 countries. The courses are 100% on the cloud, so they can be accessed anytime, anywhere – helping people get into the habit of continuous learning.