We have initiated an exciting round-table concept where our CEO Ulrik Juul Christensen speaks to key industry leaders about the Future of Learning & Work.
Our first event is with long-term customer Novo Nordisk and their Head of Digital Learning and Analytics, Peter Manniche Riber.
In this session, Peter will outline Novo's digital learning strategy and give examples of how Area9's adaptive learning solutions are part of the mix.

Together Peter and Ulrik will - among others - discuss the obligation to build valuable and measurable data and the quintessential need for deep(er) partnerships to create tomorrow's digital learning environment in a corporate setting.
If you are interested in knowing more about how one of the world's most successful pharma companies thinks about the future of learning, this discussion is definitely for you.
To make the event more interactive, our Chat Master, Andy, will ask questions to the audience - and visa versa - you can ask your very own questions during the session.


Here is a quick refresher (1min) about the main benefits of Area9's adaptive learning solutions:


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