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Learn about Area9 Rhapsode™ and gain insight into how you can build and sustain knowledge with adaptive learning!
Feb 1-3, 2022 - Messe Karlsruhe

Valuable Insights:

  • How adaptive learning can enable highly personalized e-learning for learners at all levels.
  • Discover the suite of publishing tools that enable you to create, curate and deliver digital content.
  • Get insights that go beyond anything your LMS can provide with data-rich analytics


The unique approach of the Area9 Rhapsode™ adaptive learning platform mimics personal 1:1 tutoring of the learners in a virtual environment. The AI-powered platform discovers each learner's knowledge gaps and can provide targeted learning assistance to close the gaps in a sustainable manner. In the end, this ensures that every learner is 100% competent after completing a course.



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Here you will soon find all details about the presentation of
Area9 Lyceum at the Trend Forum

Meanwhile, you can keep up with the latest developments in Area9's adaptive learning platform here.
Watch this short video to learn more about adaptive learning with Area9:
Multiple Award Winning Technology

Area9 Lyceum News

Blogpost education development
By Khurram Jamil, MD

Read the blog on Area9’s initiatives around the globe in support of providing a quality education for all.

Ulrik Juul Christensen, MD

Find out about how companies will stand out post-pandemic in Ulrik Juul Christensen's latest FORBES article.

Learning Technologies 2020
Learning Technologies Award

Covid-19-Course for Health Care and Non-Health Care Professionals won SILVER at LT Awards 2020.

Kaspersky and Area9 Lyceum
An out-of-the-box tutor

Kaspersky has unveiled its new Adaptive Online Training, developed in partnership with Area9 Lyceum.

Brandon Hall Technology Award 2020 Gold
Brandon Hall Award

Area9 and Swisscom won GOLD for excellence in the “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology” category.

Unique path to proficiency
Unique Pathways to Proficiency

The leader in next-generation, computer-based adaptive learning technology and platforms - Area9.