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Personalized learning can eliminate unnecessary training, boost knowledge and skill acquisition, and build self-awareness. Let's have a conversation to discover if we are a good fit for your organization.
May 4-5, 2022 - London

Valuable Insights:

The personal, one-on-one tutoring experience enables 50% faster time to proficiency, hyper-granular data tracking and fast curricular (re)design!

Get insights on:

  • The key differences between traditional and adaptive learning, and how easy it is to make the transition.
  • The difference between one-size-fits-none to precision-based interactions in the learning moment.
  • How adaptive learning effectively embraces all levels of learners with the same curriculum.
  • The economies of scale by using adaptive learning in mandatory training like Compliance.
  • How easily it integrates with any LMS or 3rd party learning platform. 


Our mission is to help deliver the world’s best educational and training outcomes validated by a long-term scientific approach. Area9 Lyceum adapts your content on a moment-by-moment basis to optimize your personal journey to mastery. By using a personalized approach to replicate one-to-one interaction in a digital environment, our adaptive learning models allow for efficient scale. Such personalization increases efficiency, as well as engagement, by taking into consideration what each learner has already mastered.

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Here you will soon find all details about the presentation of
Area9 Lyceum. 

Meanwhile, you can keep up with the latest developments in Area9's adaptive learning platform here.
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Area9 Lyceum News

Blogpost education development
By Khurram Jamil, MD

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Learning Technologies 2020
Learning Technologies Award

Covid-19-Course for Health Care and Non-Health Care Professionals won SILVER at LT Awards 2020.

Kaspersky and Area9 Lyceum
An out-of-the-box tutor

Kaspersky has unveiled its new Adaptive Online Training, developed in partnership with Area9 Lyceum.

Brandon Hall Technology Award 2020 Gold
Brandon Hall Award

Area9 and Swisscom won GOLD for excellence in the “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology” category.

Unique path to proficiency
Unique Pathways to Proficiency

The leader in next-generation, computer-based adaptive learning technology and platforms - Area9.