Emotional Intelligence for Leaders from the Adaptive Leadership Development Curriculum. Covering: Defining and Understanding Emotional Intelligence, The Emotional Intelligence Framework, Managing Emotions and Mindset, Practical Steps to Develop Emotional Intelligence and Techniques to Build Emotional Intelligence Skills

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In this course you will learn:

  • Defining and understanding Emotional Intelligence: Understand what Emotional Intelligence is and is not, the four steps to understanding Emotional Intelligence and the importance on your career success.
  • The Emotional Intelligence Framework: Gain insights to the four Emotional Intelligence competencies and leadership skills developed through EI. Understand the two axis of the Emotional Intelligence framework.
  • Managing Emotions and Mindset: Understand how thoughts and emotions work together and how we manage our emotions by managing the thoughts that trigger the emotions.
  • Practical Steps to Develop Emotional Intelligence: Understand the three steps that are important practices and tools we can use to develop our EI further and how to develop healthy practices and habits.
  • Techniques to Build Emotional Intelligence Skills: Empathy is a crucial inter-personal skill for the Emotional Intelligent leader. Practice empathetic listening to develop your empathy and understand the two sets of questions that we can use to develop our empathetic listening skills.

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