... because there has never been a more important time to support physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

How to be Healthy and Productive On and Off Screens was developed by leading digital wellbeing organization Digital Awareness UK. This digital wellbeing course has been designed to provide inspiration for remote workers and parents who want to use technology in a healthy and productive way.

The course contains five modules :

  • Posture Wellness: Avoid issues such as digital and back pain as we share tips on creating your optimum remote-working environment
  • Digital Eye Strain: Learn about the impact screens can have on our eyes and what steps you can do to help prevent digital eye strain
  • Sleep & Screens: Inspiration on how to achieve a good night’s sleep at a time when emails, social media feeds and news alerts can lead to poor sleep hygiene
  • Finding Balance: Understand how to set boundaries and use tech consciously to improve your productivity, health and wellbeing
  • Social Media Crash Course for Parents: Developed for parents to highlight the risks and rewards associated with popular social media apps TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.
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Our approach is grounded in scientific research and twenty years’ experience, serving millions of learners in hundreds of subject areas, gathering billions of data points.

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Whether you are a publisher, educator or corporation, Area9 Lyceum can help enable an interactive learning experience through a range of tools and services – making your content exceptionally agile, relevant and actionable for any learner.

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Digital Awareness UK

Digital Awareness UK is a digital wellbeing organisation that empowers people to feel positive about tech through innovative employee engagement and community outreach programmes.

Our AI-powered adaptive learning courses, educational resources and webinars allow us to educate thousands across the globe every day about the risks and rewards of the digital world. For further information about us, please visit digitalawarenessuk.com