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In this course you will learn:

  • Understanding Change: Understand the difference between leading and managing change, the difference between change and transition, know the hierarchical roles and responses to change, and apply general guidelines for effective change transitions
  • Initiating and Leading Change: Know the primary role of leaders, implement six targets for change, apply steps for sponsoring change, and understand five criteria for achieving worthwhile results
  • Four Stages of Change Transitions: Apply a model for leading and managing the four stages of change transitions and the tasks associated with each stage
  • Communicating Through Change Transitions: Understand the dynamics of human nature and change, set a climate for cooperation, know the four ways people leave their comfort zones, and apply tasks for communicating in each of the change transition stages
  • Leading Non-Stop Change: Implement strategies for leading non-stop simultaneous change, understand how to anticipate and plan for obstacles, and build trust

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