Synthetic and Simulation Training 2019

Advancing Training Capabilities to Maintain Soldier Lethality and Mission Dominance

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The Synthetic and Simulation Training summit will bring together an audience comprised of Military, Academia, Commercial Aviation, and Gaming sectors to ultimately allow military leaders the ability to plan, prepare, execute, and assess training events through minimal time, money, and people.

September 23 - 25, 2019


Hilton Downtown Orlando

Speaker Spotlight

Ulrik Juul Christensen MD, Executive Chairman, Area9 Group

"Adaptive Learning for Military Readiness"

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

11:15am (60 mins)




Technology in the military is changing rapidly with continuous updates which means that learning is critical to prevent attacks and stay military ready. By learning digitally you can save time, lower costs on training, and trust that your team is equipped with they knowledge they need.
  • Efficiency and training solutions for military and defense in counter-terrorism
  • Developing specialized adaptive learning-based training for a defense organizations
  • Detecting, preventing, and prosecuting terrorism activities, terror finance, and money laundering is a top priority in international security


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